All About Glass Inserts

A stylish glass insert for your front door instantly commands attention and generates additional curb appeal for your home.

And when it comes to glass inserts, there are plenty of options available for your home. Each of which offers its own unique benefits.

decorative glass inserts

Decorative glass insert

A decorative glass insert can really bring any exterior door to life in a variety of ways:

  • Select from a standard design or custom create your own
  • Choose from an almost limitless palette of colours
  • Control how much light and privacy you want your doors to offer

Unlike doors from the big box store, decorative glass inserts are hand-crafted by artisans.

They don’t come from an assembly line and they feature the highest levels of craftsmanship.

As well as being beautiful, decorative glass inserts are energy-efficient too since many of them are made with Low-E glass.

In the summer, Low-E glass reflects heat to the exterior of your home. While in winter, it keeps heat from escaping.

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stained glass insertsStained glass inserts

For over 1000 years, stained glass designs have been found in churches and cathedrals all over the world.

And recently, homeowners in Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas are bringing the bright colours and intricate designs of stained glass to their door inserts.

The process of creating a stained glass insert installation is both delicate and impressive:

  • Individual pieces of coloured glass are cut
  • The separate pieces are laid down in a pattern
  • Strips made from zinc, lead or other materials hold the pattern in place
  • The finished design is placed in a frame and secured into the door

As a result, you’ll have a modern door for your home that’s truly unlike anything else out there.

wrought iron glass door insertWrought iron glass inserts

Want a front door that gives you elegance, privacy and security?

Then a wrought iron glass insert is your best bet.

Wrought iron can be bent and shaped to your specifications and to fit just about any door.

If you have a custom design in mind, all you have to do is tell us about it.

Secondly, the wrought iron for your glass insert will be crafted by expert blacksmiths with years of experience.

As well, wrought iron glass inserts are durable and made to last for an exceptionally long time. Not only that, but wrought iron rarely looks old or goes out of style.

Available in classic or contemporary designs (again, it all depends on what you want), a wrought iron glass insert is a smart way to transform the look of your home and increase its value too.

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Update your sidelites and transom with a custom glass insert

Not just limited to exterior doors you can add decorative, stained or wrought iron glass inserts to any sidelites or transoms you have.

It’s a perfect way to add a touch of class and creativity to an otherwise neglected, overlooked and forgotten part of your home.

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At The Door Centre, we offer premium glass inserts from a variety of manufacturers. And we can custom make any glass insert you like as well.

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