Buyer Beware

Rick Block - OwnerHave you ever received a promotional flyer at your door promoting windows and doors where they show amazing discounts and unbelievable energy efficiency? Me too!

This company name will remain anonymous for ethical reasons.

The flyer advertised 30% off Installation, no payments or interest for one full year and windows and doors with 83% more energy efficient. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Of course it does!

However, my keen marketing eye noticed that each claim was followed by tiny little number.

So what are these numbers you say? Well, these numbers denote a footnote. A footnote is a fact that is relevant to a statement but noted at the foot of the page, hence the term “footnote”. It is a means in which an advertiser/marketer can make a statement or offer and bury the stipulations in the fine print at the bottom of the page. It would be like I advertise “receive a free boat” and then stating in the fine print “with the purchase of a new cottage”. The consumer in turn would expect a free boat but would promptly learn they first have to purchase the cottage. This type of advertising/marketing is not very ethical or forthright in my view. It misleads the consumers and asks them to jump through hoops in order to receive an offer that is understood to be essentially straightforward.

In order to receive the “30% off on installation”, as advertised in the flyer, you are restricted to a specific product line. This is unfortunate because it limits your selection. Also, the installations must be done by their technicians. Beware of this type of promotional offer! The first thing you should do is determine how much the installation price is to begin with. This way you are protected against the company simply beefing up the installation price to cover the 30% off.

The most ridiculous claim from this company’s flyer is “windows and doors up to 83% more energy efficient”. My first question upon reading this claim was 83% more energy efficient than what? In reading the fine print I discovered that the window in question was a triple glazed window and it was being compared to a single glazed window. Its like comparing a tractor trailer to a compact smart car.

My point is, be an informed consumer, question bold claims and always read the fine print!!!

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