Buying an Exterior Door with Window Inserts

Door with Window Inserts

Traditionally, the entrance door to your home will have window inserts. It creates a more inviting appearance, and allows light to come into your entryway while also allowing you to see who as it at your door. Your front door is one of those ‘first impression’ type of statements that you make with your home every time a new visitor comes over. Here is how to arrive at the door that is right for you:

  1. Find your ideal door configurationThere are 6 basic door configurations: A single door, a door with a one or two sidelites, and double doors with single, double or no sidelites. The greater the number of doors and sidelites the greater the impact. You also have to balance the size of the door with the size of the front of your house. This is probably the most crucial step in choosing the right door for your home.
  2. Find your door styleThis refers to the style of door window glass insert, panelling, and the overall look of how they fit together. More glass allows more light in, but it can also lead some people to feel overly exposed. Judge your need for privacy along with your desire to naturally light up the front entranceway.
  3. Choose your materialsThis refers to the glass of the door as well as the door itself. Glass can be various levels of thickness and have any number of designs from simple, to none, to intricate. Door materials include traditional wood, fiberglass and steel. Each has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, look into them and find the ideal door.
  4. Finish your doorThis includes paint, stain and varnish. Every finish you can imagine can be applied to your door in a way that best matches your home and compliments your door window inserts.

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