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Summer-ize Your Doors & Windows This Year

Getting your windows or doors ready for winter is another matter, altogether. Cold temperatures, snow, salt and ice all conspire to do damage to them.  So many homeowners take great care to get them winterized. Because summer is all about sunshine and great weather, much thought doesn’t go into making sure your doors and windows … Continue reading Summer-ize Your Doors & Windows This Year

Vinyl Window Shopping Tips

Low-maintenance, available in numerous colours and designs and solidly built, vinyl windows seem like a simple, no-muss, no-fuss window option. Additionally, vinyl windows offer other benefits too, such as: Temperature comfort: Vinyl windows offer excellent year-round thermal performance Energy efficiency: A powerful insulator, vinyl helps keep your energy bills down Weatherproof: High-quality vinyl can stand … Continue reading Vinyl Window Shopping Tips

How Will My Window Installation Work?

Installing some beautiful new, energy-efficient windows is a popular enhancement among homeowners. They increase home security, improve home resale value and sellability, and help you save money on your monthly utility bills. Replacing windows in your older home or upgrading the windows in your subdivision home is always a great move, but incorrect installation can … Continue reading How Will My Window Installation Work?

Using Shatterproof Glass at Home for Safety and Security

Shatterproof Glass for Safety and Security As construction technology continues to evolve and improve, better products become available for homeowners and builders. Shatterproof glass used to be a specialty item, only for particular purposes and rarely used in the average home. Now, the variety of glass types available for windows and doors allows homeowners to … Continue reading Using Shatterproof Glass at Home for Safety and Security

Top signs your doors and windows need to be replaced

Don’t overlook these energy-sapping signs! Your doors and windows play important roles in your home’s design and comfort. They help set your home’s style by enhancing or complementing other architectural elements. They also help prevent energy loss, keeping heating and cooling costs as low as possible by preventing air leakage in or out. And of … Continue reading Top signs your doors and windows need to be replaced

New Coils for Single & Double Hung Windows

Vinylbilt “Bilt Better” Products Vinylbilt is introducing a new and improved Single & Double Hung lifting Coil. This new coil offers two improvements over the existing coil. 1) A smooth and quiet operating sash. 2) An easier to operate window. The new coils will maintain the Lifetime Hardware Warranty. Clear Choice Vinylbilt Windows The Burlington … Continue reading New Coils for Single & Double Hung Windows

Ostaco’s ENER-SENSE Window

Ener-sense Window Rated Most Efficient: The Ener-sense window has now been rated and posted on the Energy Star’s web site under the new section titled “Most Efficient”. It is a category that Energy Star deemed “the best of the best” ENERSENSE –True Triple Glazed With advanced window technology. 1)    Nail fin groove. For new construction … Continue reading Ostaco’s ENER-SENSE Window

Vinyl Windows with California Shutters

Two Products One Install When considering new Windows and California Interior Shutters, The Door Centre now offers both together with one installation charge. Our Vinyl Windows are now available with an integrated vinyl frame and California Shutters attached. The regular installation of the new windows would include the installation of the new shutters. Features & … Continue reading Vinyl Windows with California Shutters