Poor quality builder installs – how can I tell?

Having any sort of work done on your home or property carries with it a certain level of risk. You are trusting someone else to do work on your property and if the quality of work is not up to standards, your home or business could suffer because of it. Many contractors will try to cut corners and save time and money by sacrificing the quality of the materials and the work done on your renovations. They may use lower quality materials and may do sub standard work. So how can you tell if sub-quality work has been done on your home or business?

The Roof

Well-maintained roofs have a lifespan of 20 years or more depending on the type of roof and the materials used- but a poorly installed or repaired roof will constantly need work and repairs. Make sure you ask about the materials being used, the expected lifespan of the roof, if the contractor offers any sort of guarantee, and what past customers have said about their services. After the work has been done and before you sign off on the work and give final payment it is a good idea to have a professional inspector come and look at the work. They will be able to check to make sure the roof is adhering to all local and federal safety codes and regulations.

The Doors and Windows

Door Repair
One of the most common repairs and renovations in any home or office building usually involves windows or doors in some way. This is also one of the most common areas that contractors try to sneak in cheap products and materials. You need to be on the lookout for warning signs of a shoddy installation or design job- new windows that are hard to open, gaps in the door or window frames, uneven cuts, and anything that seems off to you. Use your good judgment -if something seems off then ask the contractor about it and keep asking until you get an answer that satisfies you.

The Plumbing

PlumbingAny place you need water in your home or office will rely on plumbing to get it there. Plumbing work is serious and shoddy work here can end up costing you a great deal down the road in expensive repairs and higher bills due to water waste. One major warning sign is leaking form newly replaced or repaired pipes. Excessive use of glue and tapes can also signal shoddy work. It often is a good idea to check and make sure the right materials are being used in the repairs or renovations.

The Electrical System

Without proper wiring your home or office cannot get the electrical output it needs and you can end up wasting energy as well as put your building at risk for a fire. Any electrical work that is done by a contractor needs to be inspected to ensure it is up to code as there are many different state and federal codes for electrical work and installation, all designed to keep people safe.

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