The Construction of Fibreglass Entry Doors

A fibreglass front door with a glass insert.
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A fibreglass entry door is specifically designed and built using materials that maximize its effectiveness. They are made from materials that won’t dent like aluminum, rot like wood or rust like iron or other metal doors. How they are made makes them excellent at keeping heat out in the summer, and warmth in during the winter. Here is what these great doors, that you can have installed in your entrance way, are made of:

  • The outer shell is a fibreglass composite that is lightweight and durable. You never think of it until you have it installed, but a big heavy door can be quite inconvenient when you’re trying to bring in groceries or kids!
  • The inner core will be a polyurethane that helps eliminate more weight. This is no flimsy foam though, it a dense and secure interior that is nearly impenetrable. All that and it is a great insulator.
  • The top and bottom door rails will also be made of composites that resist rot and eliminate water infiltration. The top rail will typically be 1 inch thick, and the bottom will be slightly thicker at 1 1/2 inches.

The style and look of a fibreglass door is nearly limitless. Since it is a manufacturer material you can have it look any way you want. Designs range from any type of natural wood finish, to smooth imitations of steel. Every colour option in the rainbow is available to you if you wish to paint your door.

Given their excellent insulation capabilities it is recommended that you complement these doors feature with insulated glass. A triple glazed glass will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while increasing safety.

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