What Are Your Doors Made Of & Should You Upgrade?

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Doors are the gateway between the comforts of your home and the outside world. But not all doors are created equal.

Like most things, they have been adapted, reconfigured and made stronger over time with new technology and materials.

You want to feel as protected as possible, that’s why you need a modern door that offers security, protection from the elements, and strong curb appeal.

The qualities of a good door

A good door will:

• Provide security and safety
• Be energy-efficient
• Be weather-resistant
• Look beautiful and add curb appeal to your home
• Provide privacy while allowing you to view outside.

Out with the old

Generally, homes built before 1950 have doors that are made of wood. You can imagine all the issues that can affect the integrity of a wood door.

Weather, a strong kick, or rot could lead to a failure in the door. There is a reason why new doors are made of other, better materials. A main one being fiberglass.

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The newest advancement in fiberglass doors

Fiberglass doors offer all the benefits of other doors, and they’ve been designed with security in mind. Fiberglass is incredibly strong, and it will withstand everything from a harsh kicking to having a pointed object stabbed into it. You won’t get that with a wood door.

Fiberglass doors are also extremely energy-efficient and are known for keeping the elements out.

• Some fiberglass doors are even thermally insulated to keep heat in during winter and cool air in during summer.

• Plus, fiberglass doors are excellent at withstanding Mother Nature without warping or twisting over time.

Looking for the traditional look of a wooden door? Fiberglass doors can come in a wood finish for an authentic and classic look. You can have your door duplicate the appearance of a real mahogany or oak door for a fraction of the price.

Feeling secure is key

As mentioned above, fiberglass doors are excellent for security purposes. Fiberglass doors are fitted with double or triple-pane glass, which makes them shatter-resistant if a burglar attempts to break in.

They also have a solid layer of insulation placed between the panels of glass, which can make them thicker than the average door. Most fiberglass doors also come equipped with a 12-inch lock-block, adding even more security.

A bonus with fiberglass doors is that they are designed to look like a streel or wood door, so if a burglar does try to get in, they’re in for a real surprise. They are the go-to door to keep you and your family safe.

Warranties and lifespan

The great thing about buying a fiberglass door is that you get something that is secure, energy-efficient and keeps nature out, but, you also get these benefits for years to come.

The average lifespan of well-constructed fiberglass door is around 100 years! That means a home could be passed down to multiple generations and the doors would not need to be replaced. That’s a pretty amazing investment!

As far as warranties go, they can range, depending on the manufacturer, and conditions of where the door is being used.

Generally, a warranty for a door is for 10, 20 or 25 years. Most warranties usually cover the door against material defects under normal and reasonable residential use.

Are you ready to switch?

If you still aren’t convinced, ask one of you neighbours or friends about what they think about their fiberglass doors. There is a good chance that one of them are using one and loving it.

If you’re looking for a new fiberglass door, then The Door Centre is the place to go. We have the best selection of doors that will work with any style of home. Contact us today to make a switch that will last a lifetime.