Why Fiberglass Doors Over Steel Doors

When an expert suggests that you pick fiberglass doors over steel doors and you are not familiar with the differences between the materials as you would like to be, it is time to get a good overview of each and why fiberglass is a better choice.

What is similar?

  • Both door panels have Polyurethane as a core for insulation
  • Both door panels have a solid wood structural inner frame
  • Both have a number of embossed designed.

What is not similar?

  • Steel door panels have a 1-1/4” wood inner frame and lock block
  • Some fiber glass doors have a 1-1/4 wood inner frame and lock block, but THERMA-TRU fiberglass door panels from OSTACO have an exclusive extra wide blocking on the vertical styles and horizontal rails that prevent warping and adds extra strength to the panel especially to taller 8’-0” door panels
  • Steel door panel embossing is stamped where the fiberglass door panel is formed to give a more realistic look in both the smooth skin or the wood grained skin
  • Steel door panels come with Blue-White primer that will eventually require painting while the fiber glass door panel comes primed and can be factory painted or by the customer
  • Fiberglass  door panels are available with a number of wood grain species and architectural styles (Colonial, Rustic, Craftsman Etc.)


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