Brown door with metal detailing and windows on each side
Stainless Steel Doors

Contemporary Stainless Steel Accented Doors

Stainless steel doors don’t have to be heavy in weight and cold in appearance.

They can be elegant, stylish and timeless without sacrificing strength or durability.

Solid grey door with narrow windows on each side

Front doors made by MasterGrain

Steel Door Brand

The Door Centre is proud to carry contemporary stainless steel accented doors by MasterGrain.

These high-quality exterior front doors are manufactured using a combination of stainless steel and Fiberglass composite.

As a result, these intriguing doors are certain to:

  • Enhance the appearance of your home
  • Increase its curb appeal and overall value
  • Stand out among other homes in your neighbourhood

The right door for your home

Gorgeous stainless steel doors are available in a variety of styles and designs:

Steel DoorsSteel DoorsSteel Doors

View even more MasterGrain contemporary steel door selections.

Made with stainless steel, looks like natural wood

MasterGrain contemporary stainless steel accented doors use NVD (Nickel Vapor Deposition) Technology to create an authentic-looking natural wood surface:

  • First, real wood pieces are carefully selected
  • Then a silicone casting picks up the finest details and grains of the pieces
  • Those grains and patterns are transferred onto a mold of your door
  • The mold creates a Fiberglass skin that looks like natural wood

Your MasterGrain door will be virtually indistinguishable when compared to a real wood door.

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