Example of bay windows in Burlington with a sitting room with natural light and plaid curtains
Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Upgrade Your Home with Bay Windows in Burlington

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Bay windows transform your living space. You get:
– More natural light.
– More living space.
– More window ledge space for a comfortable reading nook or indoor garden.

Bay windows in Burlington with exterior & interior views of built in sitting bench

Bay windows usually include a large central window between two double-hung or casement windows, joined together to form a large viewing area.

There are no rules for the placement of your new bay windows in Burlington. They make a great addition to the east-facing walls of the house or your living room to catch the morning sun or the backyard walls to overlook your garden.

Customized to fit the style of your home

Your new bay windows can be customized with different exterior brick molds and interior woods. Wood choices include:

  • Plywood
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Mahogany
  • …and more

Interior laminates are also available in cherry and natural oak finishes.

A handful of paint options are also available, including:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Sandstone
  • Grey

Quality windows mean no increase in heating or cooling

The frame and sash of your new bay windows in Burlington are welded together to form a weathertight, airtight seal. Other energy saving features include:

  • Low-E coating
  • A gas fill
  • Double or triple panes
  • A polymer foam spacer
  • High quality weatherstripping

Your bay windows flood your home with light without adding to your air conditioner’s workload

living room Bay windows in Burlington with exterior & interior views of built in sitting bench

Choose professional installation

We install your windows perfectly and guarantee the quality of our workmanship with a 10 year warranty on all residential window and door installations.

  • We cover all labour costs due to mal-adjustment of a product’s operating features caused by a poor installation
  • We cover any product costs caused by poor installation
  • We judge installation quality according to industry standards and practices

And, of course, all our window manufacturers provide industry-leading warranties, including Vinylbilt’s non-limited, non-prorated & fully transferable warranty

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Casement windows deliver great views

The strips of wood, vinyl, plastic or other material dividing glass panes in windows are called muntins.

While they look nice, they can also impede the view from your window.

Single –sash casement windows do not have muntins (dual-sash windows have a single muntin between each sash; however it is hardly an impediment)

As a result, there’s less obstruction between you, your window, and the view you’re looking at.