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Casement windows

Casement Windows

Discover the advantages and beauty of casement windows

Casement windows are becoming more and more popular among homeowners in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and surrounding areas for a variety of reasons:

  • The view they provide
  • Ability to open fully
  • Safety and security
Exterior view of casement windows with shutters & Double window that opens fully

If you’re thinking of updating the windows in your home, selecting casement windows from The Door Centre is a wise choice.

Take a look at the gallery to see them in a home comparable to yours.

Available in a variety of design styles

Today’s modern casement windows can be customized to fit within just about any size opening.

In addition, you can augment your casement window with classic and contemporary designs such as:

  • French look
  • Flat topped
  • Pushout
  • Upper-to-lower grille
  • Colonial
  • Prairie

You can open them fully

Perhaps no other window type can be opened as far as casement windows (which is ideal for those days where you want to generate a cross breeze).

Compare the opening capabilities of casement windows to other kinds:

Casement Windows

Can open fully with easy-to-use levers or latches

Single-Hung & Sliding Windows

One side opens, the other side is always fixed

Double-Hung & Sliding Windows

One section can open at a time (neither section is fixed)

Fixed Windows

These do not open

The ability to open casement windows completely also helps with its energy efficiency. That’s because, when closed, the sash presses up directly against the frame.

As a result, an airtight barrier is created which eliminates lost air (from the inside) or drafts (from the outside).

Exterior view of casement  windows with shutters & Double window that opens fully

Safe and secure

The design and construction of casement windows make them very difficult to break into.

That’s due to casement locks, which are:

  • Hook-shaped
  • Inserted within the frame of the window itself
  • Inaccessible to anyone looking to forcibly open the window

Casement windows deliver great views

The strips of wood, vinyl, plastic or other material dividing glass panes in windows are called muntins.

While they look nice, they can also impede the view from your window.

Single–sash casement windows do not have muntins (dual-sash windows have a single muntin between each sash; however it is hardly an impediment)

As a result, there’s less obstruction between you, your window, and the view you’re looking at.

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