replacement windows on a burlington home
Single And Double Hung

Single & Double Hung Windows

Transform your home with single and double-hung windows

In Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and surrounding areas, single-hung windows and double-hung windows are the most common type of window you’ll find in homes.

Exterior view of beautiful home's double hung window & exterior view of windows with shutters

Why are they so common?:

  • Traditional, classic, and timeless appearance
  • Ease of operation, just by sliding the window up and down

Take a look at the gallery to see them in a home comparable to yours.

Installs anywhere

These windows are incredibly versatile. They can easily be installed with most home styles, such as:

  • Detached
  • Townhome
  • Bungalow
  • Back split
  • Semi-detached

Compatible with air conditioners and screens

The sliding up-and-down mechanism of double-hung windows allows them to safely contain air conditioners and window screens (unlike windows which open via a crank).

Very easy to clean

Modern single- and double-hung windows feature “tilt-out” upper and lower sashes.

(The sash is the part of the window responsible for keeping the glass in place).

This allows for quick and convenient cleaning. Instead of having to access a hard-to-reach area, all you need to do is tilt the window towards you and clean as needed.

As for single-hung windows, all that’s required to clean them is to remove the screen (which you should also clean on a regular basis), clean the glass, and replace the screen.

Exterior view of beautiful home's double hung window & exterior view of windows with shutters


A new window creates a nice, tight seal against the window pane when closed. That reduces lost warm or cool air (depending on the season) and also lowers your energy bills.

Additionally, single-hung windows and double-hung windows are manufactured using the latest in eco-friendly glass products:

  • Double and triple glazing to lower heat loss
  • LoE glass coating to keep more warm air inside in winter and outside in summer
  • Argon glass to reduce unwanted energy transmission

When you upgrade to specific Energy Star single sliders (specifically, Energy Star Most Efficient certified windows with an Energy Rating of 34 or more), you can get back up to $5,000 in rebates from the Government of Ontario.

The new (and improved) Ontario Green Fund from the Government of Ontario gives green-minded families $500 back per window upgrade, to a maximum of $5,000. Click here for more information.

Or you can call to talk to a member of our team about the single sliding windows that qualify for the program.

It’s a smart upgrade that makes your home more functional and attractive, and it’s the best rebate program ever offered.