Front Door Trends for Spring

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Spring is just around the corner (the first day is Monday, March 20).

And you’ve decided that it’s time to update or replace your home’s exterior door for many reasons:

  • Winter was tough and your front door can’t go through another one
  • It’s old, tired and dated
  • You want to sell your home this year and are looking to maximize its value
  • There’s nothing quite as welcoming as a bright, beautiful and new front door

Fortunately, 2017 has a variety of stylish and modern door trends which will perfectly compliment your house.

Better still is that you can find many of them right here at The Door Centre.

Black is back

Black Wood Doors

Black never really goes out of style, does it?

That being said, the past few years have leaned toward colourful front doors with green, yellow, red, and blue being the most popular.

However this year, black is expected to take centre stage.

Here’s why:

  • It provides a stately, timeless appearance which won’t get old
  • Just about any accessories or accents work well with black
  • It’s much easier to repaint a black door (if it needs it) vs. another colour

Take a look at the home surrounding your neighbourhood. There’s a good chance that many of them have bright, colourful front doors.

If you want your home to stand our amongst them, go the opposite route and opt for a black door.

Bigger front doors

Wood Doors

Although there are no set standards when it comes to front door size, they’re usually around:

  • Width: Between 30″ and 36″ (2.5′ to 3′)
  • Height: 80″ (6’7″)
  • Thickness: 1¾”

However this spring, the big front door (pun intended) trend will be towards greater size.

Many homeowners in Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas want to replace their doors with models that are 8′ (96″) or even 9′ (108″) in height.

When it comes to width, front doors are getting bigger too; as 42″ (3.5′) doors will be hotly in demand this year.

Of course, this all depends on whether your house (particularly the front hall) allows for it.

If it does, there’s nothing quite like a large, grand front door to welcome visitors into your home.

Consistent look between front door and garage door

Door Garage

Love your garage doors?

In spring 2017, a popular trend will be to bring that look to your front doors using the same materials, design and layout.

By having a unified appearance between your front and garage doors, they’ll simply look like they belong together.

This is especially true if your garage happens to be near or close to your front door.

Front door accessories

When it comes to hardware and accessories, there are two trends which will stand out in 2017:


For years, chrome was the material of choice for door handles, knobs, etc.

This year, burnished bronze and nickel provides a warm alternative; especially if you have a traditional-looking home.

And if you happen to have an older home, brass or wrought iron accessories will give your front door a vintage, honest and classic appearance.


Door mats, mail boxes, and house numbers are being personalized with more information and detail than ever before.

That could mean things like the names of the homeowners, logos of family crests, or even custom messages (such as “please leave package here” for deliver drivers).

New season, new front door for your home

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