How New Windows Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills

How new windows reduce your air conditioning bills

New windows are among the best home energy upgrades you can make.

Old windows struggle to limit heat transfer (in the winter from inside to out) and heat gain (in the summer from outside to in).

Vinyl WindowsModern windows let the sun shine into your home in the summer without the associated heat gain, so your air conditioner doesn’t work as hard and your home stays cool.

So if you want a good way to cut back your air conditioning expenses immediately and over the long term, new windows check all the boxes.

What features help energy efficient windows save your family money?

Vinyl and fibreglass frames

These extremely versatile window frames have very low maintenance requirements and perform better than aluminum frames.

Wood frames offer the best insulation properties but, at a higher price point, lose some of the value proposition.

Double or triple panes

Vinyl WindowsCanadian weather (with cold winters and hot summers) calls for at least 2 panes of glass for good thermo-insulation.

Multiple window panes provide insulation to eliminate heat transfer, saving energy when you heat or cool your house.

Triple-pane windows use stronger frames and hardware to make them a more durable and energy efficient choice over double-pane types.


Spacers between the layers of glass keep window glass panes at the optimal distance apart, seal and insulate the glass layers, and reduce heat transfer.

Low-emissive coatings

Much of your windows’ heat gain or loss occurs over the large glass area (obviously).  Coated glass provides a layer of invisible insulation to blocks heat transfer. It also blocks harmful UV rays from damaging upholstery and carpeting during the hot, summer months.


Argon and Krypton gas can provide extra protection from heat loss, condensation and cold weather. They are odorless, colourless and non-toxic. They insulate better than air when injected between the panes of glass by reducing heat conduction in that space.

Get your windows installed today

You can have all the energy efficient features in the world, but you don’t get any of these energy saving benefits if your windows aren’t installed properly.

Call of stop by our showroom today to price out your new windows and get them installed fast so your family can start enjoying the money saving benefits this weekend.

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