How to Ensure Your New Door Lasts: The Most Durable Materials for Door Longevity 

Wooden front door decorated for Spring - How to Ensure Your New Door Lasts: The Most Durable Materials for Door Longevity 

As a homeowner, you don’t only want your new doors to look good but also to be durable and long-lasting. When choosing a new front door, it’s essential to consider the materials that will provide the longest lifespan while maintaining the door’s quality. Below, we will discuss the most durable door materials for exterior doors while keeping affordability and style in mind.  

The Most Durable Materials for Exterior Doors 

  1. Fiberglass – Fiberglass doors are known for their durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are also low maintenance, lightweight (compared to wood doors), and energy efficient. Fiberglass doors provide excellent value, are available in countless styles, and can be painted or stained in any colour or finish you desire. Fiberglass doors are known for their great thermal performance (energy efficiency) and long lifespans. 
  2. Steel – Steel doors are strong, secure, and energy-efficient. They are also resistant to weather conditions such as wind, rain, and extreme heat. Steel doors can be painted to match your home’s style. However, there are limited style options for steel doors, and they have the risk of rusting, rotting, and/or denting. 
  3. Solid Wood – Solid wood doors are a timeless option that provides natural beauty and insulation. They are also durable but require regular maintenance to prevent rotting and warping and come with a higher price tag. These classic doors have an appeal that many consumers feel can’t be replicated (although fiberglass doors come very close with simulated wood grain and realistic texture). 

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