Professional Door Installation versus DIY: Which is Right for Your Home?

Door Installation

Installing a new door on the exterior of your house can give you an all new look noticed by the neighbours and passers-by alike. Having a professional door installation done can be the surest way to get your door perfectly hung, but some people still believe in the DIY option.

The choice to go DIY over a professional door installation company is becoming more frequent with the growth of big box stores offering cheap doors.

Often, in these box stores, the person selling you the door doesn’t have any knowledge on proper door installation and is just as in the dark as you are.

Why people are choosing DIY over professional door installation services

Many people see the DIY option as their chance to save money on installation costs. While doing it yourself will likely be perceived as ‘free,’ a reputable door installation company will still charge you a fair and honest price for their expert service.

Another benefit people see is that they do not have to worry about scheduling in a door installation expert. While it is true that you’ll have to find a time that both of you can work with, it is surprising how flexible a professional door installation company will be with their customers. A great one will know that you have a job, and your children will have after school activities. They can work with you on finding an appropriate time.

Can you actually do a door installation yourself?

Door Installation yourself

When people start thinking of doing a DIY door installation they think all they need is a screwdriver and a steady set of hands – this isn’t the case! For starters, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll need two sets of steady hands as large doors can be unwieldy to the uninitiated. You’ll also have to consider:

  1. Whether or not you have all of the proper tools.
  2. Weather – if you take a long time to install your door you may expose your home to the very outdoor environment you’re trying to protect it from.
  3. The exact measurements you need to take have to be precise, can you handle that high level of attention to detail on your own?

These points are often overlooked by DIY door installers. This frequently causes them to be unsatisfied with their results so that they end up going and hiring a professional door installation company anyway!

The benefits of hiring a professional door installation company

A professional is just that – an experienced, trained and knowledgeable expert in their field. They will have the skill set that allows them to take the door you choose and put it up in a short amount of time with precision. They can also perform some minor repairs to the door frame itself, if need be.

A specialist can offer a wider variety of products fitted to your requirements, with many different customizable options. Whereas when you go to a box store, your options are severely limited, and you can’t easily update anything to match your home better.

Another benefit is one which takes place before the door is even installed – a professional company can come by and take measurements for your door before you buy it. Having the exact measurements taken can minimize frustrations as a door that is off by even a few centimeters can become impossible to install.

A reputable door installation company guarantees their work

reputable door installation

Reputable door installation companies will also guarantee their work. Minor repairs and adjustments may be needed in some circumstances, a reputable company will be able to come by and make these corrections.

The greatest benefit of all adds up all of the above mentioned positives of a professional door installation company and summarizes it as:

Your door will be better able to keep warm air in during the winter, keep cool air in during the summer, and stay secure against intrusion.

Can you risk not having these benefits just to save a few dollars?

Your door is an integral part of your heating, cooling and security. These are the three things that we buy homes for, why risk it with a DIY door installation that may not be up to par?

Going with a door specialist is still the surest way of getting the right door for your home, having it installed correctly, and truly transforming the look and function of your home.

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