Qualities in Doors that Thieves Love & You Should Avoid

Ajar front door with purple flower vase

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for thieves to target your home and steal your valuables. Not only does it feel like you’ve been violated, but quite often items are stolen that can’t be replaced like family mementos, heirlooms or collectibles. 

While volumes have been written about home safety and security, the best place to start is with your doors. It’s surprising the number of people that leave their front door unlocked and become victimized after thieves walk right in. But even if your door is locked, there are certain traits that thieves love and you should avoid if you want to keep them out. Here are some of the most common ones 

Small Glass Panes 

Front doors with small glass panes look wonderful aesthetically, but they can also be a haven for thieves looking to get into your home. If the panes are close enough to the locking mechanism on the door, all it takes is to get inside is to break a pane, reach through and unlock the door.   

Improper Locks 

Knob locks that have a thumbturn on the inside can create a vulnerable situation because the locking mechanism is on the doorknob itself. A burglar can either remove the doorknob to gain access or use a credit card or similar item as a shim to push the latch. The latch is likely too short, and thusly an object can be jammed in to open the door.  

Thumbturn locks can also be vulnerable to a kicking attack because the latch doesn’t go far enough into the strike plate to hold it strongly in place. Adding an external strike plate may be an option to keep your door secure in this type of scenario. 

Beautiful Double door front entrance

Large Windows that Allow Visibility 

If your front door has large windows, you just might be giving thieves a full view of what is happening inside the house. Even with some frosted or patterned glass doors, there are still areas that allow for a clear view inside. And while it’s unlikely that anyone would smash your windows while you are home, they can check things out and see if there is anything worth taking, then break the window when you are away and get in. 

UPVC Doors 

UPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, and it is a common door material in many modern homes. The reason thieves love this type of door is that they can use a device called a spreader to pry the door open and get inside. If this is a burglar’s preferred method of entry, they will seek out homes that have UPVC doors. 

When it comes to door materials, wood and steel are most likely to thwart a common thief, and if you want to add some style with glass, only use hardened glass. Adding a properly installed strike plate is another way to strengthen the doorjambs and keep your home and family safe. 

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