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In a perfect world, everything would last forever. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

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Why Do You Need A New Door?

The first step in the door replacement process is figuring out why you need a new door, because this will determine whether you need a door specialist, box store, or if you can do it yourself.

  • Do you feel a breeze near your front door?
  • Are you having trouble properly closing your doors?
  • Does your sliding door grind and screech along the tracks?

In this FREE guide, you will learn all about door replacement options and which is best for you and your unique situation.

What’s In It For Me?

When you download your FREE copy of Door Specialists vs. Box Store vs. DIY, you will learn all of the best options to make the best decision for your home.


  • Questions to ask before doing the door replacement and installation yourself
  • Common issues and complaints from people who use box store doors and services
  • Differences between door replacement options

Let the pros at The Door Centre help you make the most informed decision for your situation, by taking a look at the pros and cons for door replacement.

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