Things to Consider When Selecting New Windows for Your Home

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Ready for an upgrade? Windows are one of the few elements of your home that can improve both its look and efficiency. As such, there are plenty of things to consider when you’re selecting all new windows for your home. They need to fit in your budget, but also provide the right balance of beauty and energy efficiency. Here are some things to consider when shopping for windows. 

Understand Window Shopping 

You can buy glass inserts if you need to replace a single pane that has broken. Otherwise, you’re probably looking for replacement windows. There is no standard size of windows. That means you can’t just walk into two different shops and compare the windows they could offer you. Measurements must be taken and the quality of materials and range of styles must be considered. Window shops may offer unique styles and materials that aren’t easily compared to options at other places. 

While you have the professionals taking measurements and showing you samples, it is a wise idea to also discuss what each window needs. If you want to invest in highly energy-efficient windows, it may make sense to only do this on windows that get the most sun. If you want to block sound instead, you can be strategic and only invest in sound-blocking windows that face the street or whatever makes noise.

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Frames: Materials and Style   

Frames aren’t just about beauty. The quality of the material affects the energy efficiency of the window and its longevity. Here are your options for frame materials: 

  • Vinyl: Vinyl windows have many desirable characteristics, including energy efficiency and low cost. However, their styles are limited and some people think they are the least beautiful option. 
  • Aluminum: This is the worst material for energy efficiency, but they are very durable and won’t cost you much. 
  • Wood: Wood offers a great aesthetic and great energy efficiency, however, there can be moisture and durability problems. They will require upkeep. 
  • Fiberglass: While expensive, fiberglass is the more stylish version of aluminum, offering durability and insulation.   

You should also have a wide choice of window frame style, but it will depend on the specific window shop you’re buying from. 

Glass Panes 

You can have single, double, or triple-pane windows. The single-pane is very inefficient. Double pane is typically considered standard these days, offering strong insulation without too much of a price increase. Triple pane windows offer even more insulation and can significantly dull noise if you’re near a highway or a park. However, they are more expensive and won’t be worth it for all homeowners. 

Not all double-pane windows are the same. The specific glazing and the specific gas between the layers of windows matter a lot. In the end, the best option is to refer to the window’s U-factor, the lower the better. 

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