Unique Front Door Designs and Why You Should Upgrade

If you have a unique front door design, it is the first thing people will notice about your property. Your door can speak volumes about what lies beyond. It’s not only a chance to express yourself and show off your unique style, but a way to enhance your curb appeal.

Read on for some unique design ideas and the benefits of upgrading your entryway door.

Modern Doors and Windows

Go Modern and Bold

Make a bold statement with a striking modern design on your front door:

  • Go minimalistic, geometric and dramatic
  • Try doors with asymmetrical properties
  • Add window detailing to bring in light, while creating a unique focal point.
  • Use coloured glass to emphasize mood and ambience.

A modern door can transform your entryway by mixing up colours, shapes and materials. Reclaimed materials like wood can be both rustic and unconventional, depending on how you choose to utilize them.

Dark Wood Front Door

Traditional with a Twist

For traditional tastes, try honouring a historic design but adding a bit of your personal touch to make it stand out:

  • Create a historic look by adding ironwork over the glass
  • Use an intricate pattern or design to add a luxe factor
  • Use wood and add carvings to create an elevated antique look with an easy elegance
  • Add a touch of your outdoor colour palette or add door accessories to harmonise your outdoor palette.

Traditional doors can be doubled. You can make your single entryway a double, or just choose a larger door or glass panelling.

Unique Front Door Designs

Play with Colour

Colour can really reinforce the vision that you have for your entryway. Bold colours that contrast with the exterior of your home instantly create a focal point for your home that draws the eye.

Not sure about adding colour? Muted tones can blend into your surroundings creating a fresh, yet peaceful and tranquil feel that doesn’t stand out too much. Or you can add a coloured door frame if you don’t want to add colour to your actual door.

Paint doesn’t have to be your only tool to achieve unique colour. Bold steel, coloured glass, and industrial-like finishes can all add to the overall design of your front door and create a unique and style-worthy finish.

The Benefits of Upgrading your Front Door

Not only will your door be shiny and new, but upgrading comes with a few other benefits, including:

  • Security and Protection: New doors come with a host of security features, making it harder for intruders to break in. A new front door will also do better against the elements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Older doors can have holes or broken seals, creating draughts and heat loss. Your new door will keep warm air in and cold air out. Look for a door that’s energy efficient and insulating, with the potential to reduce your home’s energy bills.
  • Increase Curb Appeal: A unique and attractive front door will enhance your curb appeal. Show off your personality with your new door choice and dramatically enhance the exterior of your home.
  • Set Your Style: The front door is the focal point for most homes and will set the tone for everything else.

Whatever your style and preference, we have something for you at The Door Centre. Browse our gallery and contact us today, to see what we can do for you! We can find you many unique front door designs to choose from.