What To Look For In a Front Door

With the cold temperature and snowy weather that’s associated with winter finally here, it’s a good time to remember that no part of your house gets more regular use and exposure (to people and the elements) as your front door.

And if you think it’s time to replace your front door, now’s a good time to do it.

After all, there’s no sense in putting off the inevitable. If the door needs to be replaced, it needs to be replaced.

When you decide to visit The Door Centre, here are some factors you should consider when looking for your next front door.

Front door


Your exterior front door is the first impression people get about you and your home.

So it should be an accurate reflection of both.

Do you consider yourself an old-school traditionalist? Then maybe a classic single-paneled door is right for you.

Or maybe you’re more artistic. In that case, perhaps a double-paneled door with wrought iron accents is more your style.

Your front door is a great way to express yourself. So have a little bit of fun with it.


Today’s doors are usually made from wood, fiberglass or steel. Each of which has its own features and benefits:

  • Wood: There’s a classic or timeless beauty to wood which can’t be found in other materials. Since wood will be exposed to the elements (like moisture, sunlight and heat), it’s wise to inspect your door annually for warps or cracks.
  • Fiberglass: There are two options for fiberglass, painted and stained. Affordable and durable, fiberglass doors can actually go years without needing maintenance. They make an excellent choice to handle the sometimes harsh Southern Ontario weather.
  • Steel: Nothing is as strong as steel but it is susceptible to denting. Small dents can be easily repaired. Large dents may require a total door replacement. Steel also has a shorter lifespan versus wood and fiberglass doors.

Measuring a door


Your home is unique. However, most conventional single doors are usually 32” – 36” in width.

Before you view our showroom, make sure you get an accurate measurement on your entry.

And remember that your entryway includes other elements beyond the door itself, like:

All of these features will need the right framing for support. Plus, they’ll need to be installed by professionals for a proper fit and sleek look.

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Last, but not least, you’ll need to determine how much you want to spend.

Before you do, remember that:

  • Like any home investment, there’s an up-front and long-term cost with your front door
  • If possible, get detailed information on its energy efficiency
  • Over time, your front door may need maintenance; what are you prepared to do
  • You can customize your door with colour, hardware and other accessories

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