Why Window Warranties Mean Your Windows Will Last

A warranty is the best way product manufacturers and service providers have come up with to show you they (and we) are confident in the quality of a product or service.

When a windows manufacturer like Ostaco or Vinylbilt sells to you, the last thing either business wants to do is incur a loss through a warranty claim.

Most manufacturers expect the product to last significantly longer than the warranty period offered.

Lifetime warranty

If most Brand X windows last 11 years until the frame cracks, Brand X won’t offer a 10 year warranty. That’s too risky, and they’ll be stuck honouring hundreds of warranty claims every year.

So you can be sure Ostaco and Vinylbilt expect your new windows to last much longer than the warranty period below, and your investment will pay off for years.

Vinylbilt window warranties

Vinylbilt sells tens of thousands of windows annually, and only employs one repair technician.

That means warranty claims are extremely rare. It allows Vinylbilt to offer a zero defects guarantee and a lifetime warranty including:

  • Lifetime warranty on white vinyl frame and vinyl sash members.
  • Lifetime warranty on insulating glass.
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware.
  • 15-Year warranty on solar bond paint standard colours.

With Vinylbilt you get no charge warranty transfers and non-prorated window value.

Ostaco window warranties

Ostaco windows are covered by an equally thorough lifetime warranty.

  • Lifetime warranty on glass.
  • Lifetime warranty on white vinyl frame and sash.
  • 20-year warranty on painted vinyl product.
  • Lifetime warranty on hardware.

The glass in your Ostaco windows will be replaced if broken or damaged for any reason during the life of the product other than acts of God and war. That includes earthquakes, hail, lightning, floods and tornadoes.

Window Installation

Of course, we back up our installation. So you get a warranty from us too

We are very confident in the quality of our installations.

You get a 10 year workmanship warranty on residential window and door installations.

What exactly does that cover?

  • Labour costs due to mal-adjustment of a product’s operating features caused by original installation.
  • Product costs directly related to or caused by poor installation.

Poor installation is judged according to industry standards and determined by The Door Centre. And, of course, our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the installed product.

So avoid normal wear and tear as best you can

The best way to prevent damage to your windows and doors is to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance program, which includes:

  • Clean all operating hardware, hinges and tracks every 3 months and lubricate lightly with silicone spray or light oil.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners on all window surfaces.
  • Use mild soap and a cloth on vinyl window components.
  • Inspect caulking and recaulk regularly to maintain a complete seal.
  • Replace or repair any area that is cracked or damaged to prevent further damage.

Do you need to make a warranty claim?

Whether it’s a manufacturer warranty claim or a Door Centre warranty claim, we can help you out.

Call today to chat with a member of our team and we’ll make sure you get every bit of warranty support you’re entitled to.

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