4 Exterior Door Colour Ideas and How to Match Your House

Red Front door close up


You and your guests will see your exterior door all of the time. For many people, the exterior door is the focal point of the whole home’s exterior. It can make or break your overall curb appeal. So how do you pick your exterior door colour and ensure that it matches the house? We’ll provide some smart tips and some exterior door colour ideas below.

Which Parts Should You Match?

All of the colours on the exterior of your house should be coordinated, of course. But they don’t all need to match perfectly. Many people wonder if they should exactly match their exterior door colour with their window frames or their garage door. In general, keeping them all the same or all different can work. But there are some basic rules that can help you make your decision:

  • White window frames: When you have white window frames you do not need to match them to the door or the garage. This is basic neutral colour, like the baseboards inside your home.
  • Dramatic colours: When you’ve chosen one dramatic colour for the front door or garage door, you should not pick a competing dramatic colour for the other.
  • Too similar: In general, you want to have some contrast with your exterior colours. Try not to pick those that are too similar, or you may end up having no elements of the exterior stand out.
  • Exterior and interior paint colours: If you have large windows and much of your interior colours can be seen from the outside, you may want to keep them in mind when you’re choosing your door colours.

1. Refreshing Whites

Adding off-whites is a great way to make your home’s exterior more modern and more appealing from the curb. Warm off-whites are great for red brick homes and cold off-whites are great for homes with very dark materials.

2. Red Door Statements

Want to make a statement? Adding a red door (or another colour equally as vibrant) is one way to ensure that your home stands out in the neighbourhood. You have to be careful to ensure that the rest of your colours coordinate with red. Ideally, you have neutral-coloured materials on the exterior of your home if you want to pursue a red door.

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3. Intense Doors in Black

As far as neutral colours go, black may make the most impact. It will be sure to draw the eye, and it can work with virtually any home exterior, even one that is already fairly dark. Still, we suggest that you pair this one with lighter elements for contrast. Consider pairing with black window sills if you want everything to look even more dramatic.

4. Yellow Seaside Vibes

Creamy yellows are common options for front doors in sunless coastal neighbourhoods on the east coast. So why not bring that to the Ontario waterfront neighbourhoods, they make everything feel brighter and sunnier.

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