4 Ways to Get Your Doors Ready for Summer

It’s the dead of summer. Your AC is cranking. Your hydro bill is climbing. But your home isn’t staying cool.

What gives?

You’ve most likely fallen victim to a drafty door, due to poor insulation and sealing.

How To Tell If You Have a Drafty Door Problem

If you think you have a drafty door, but aren’t sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your home too warm even with your AC running?
  • Do you feel you’re paying too much for AC in the summer?
  • Can you feel a major temperature difference when you walk near your door?
  • Is your door difficult to open or close?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you should investigate these door tips to see how you can prepare your doors for the summer.

1. Check the finish around your doors

The finish around your doors is not just for decorative purposes.

If you notice any…

  • Cracking wood
  • Water damage
  • Discoloration
  • Paint flaking or peeling

Those are all signs of moisture buildup, and this can be dangerous to your home and your health.

The hot and humid weather that summer brings can be detrimental to your home and energy bills.

Be sure to properly seal your door, as this will lessen the solar heat gain and the load on your air conditioning unit reducing your utility bills.

2. Inspect the locks on your doors

If your locks feel loose, jammed, if they don’t lock smoothly, or don’t even lock at all, you’ve got a problem.

Chances are, your door is also loose, which presents an opportunity for energy to escape and go to waste.

Throughout the Canadian winters and summers, your home and all of its components naturally expand and contract due to temperature and humidity.

So if your locks are loose, it’s more than likely an issue of your door’s shape changing, and you should consider replacing your door.

Before you do, be sure to contact a Door Centre expert for a FREE quote and advice.

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3. Look for exposure issues

Check your door’s finish regularly, not just for aesthetic appeal (although this is equally as important), but for physical issues as well.

High intensity sun, moisture and debris can negatively impact a door’s finish, which can result in unsightly cracking, peeling, or streaking in the door’s finish.

The easy fix is some sanding and a fresh coat of paint. A more intensive approach would be to completely replace your door.

Either way, The Door Centre can help!

4. Pay attention to your energy bills

When you have a poorly insulated or sealed door, this means air from inside your home can escape and air from the outside can come in.

What does this mean?

Well, if your home’s air conditioning during the summer seems unusually high, this indicated that you’re wasting energy in your home.

Wasted energy happens when that energy is leaking out of your home instead of being maintained efficiently.

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