5 Easy Ways to Stay Cool without AC this Summer

Thermostat on hot day

Summer is nearly here, and that means the hot weather is descending upon us. Heat is great when you’re by a pool or a lake; but it can make your house uncomfortably warm, especially if your home isn’t equipped with AC or you’re trying to cut back on your use of it.

Since windows are responsible for letting a large proportion of unwanted heat into your home, one of the best ways to keep your home cool and save money in the long run is to invest in energy efficient windows.

In addition to new windows, here are five simple and free ways you can stay cool this summer and save money on your electricity bill

1. Keep windows closed

Keep the cold air in and the hot air out by keeping your windows closed. If temperatures drop overnight, you can open the windows to let in cold air as you sleep; but you should definitely aim to keep the windows closed during the day. While it might feel like a refreshing breeze is coming into your house, you are actually letting hot air in. if you crave the feeling of moving air, use a fan.

2. Block out the sun

Along with keeping your windows closed, keep your blinds drawn, invest in blackout or insulating curtains, or apply tinted window film to keep the warming sunlight out. Focus especially on south- and west-facing windows.[1] Covering or tinting south- and west-facing windows can significantly reduce the temperature in your home and save you up to 7% on annual cooling costs![2] Plus, these window coverings can also keep you warm in the winter – a double win!

3. Cook strategically

Barbecuing on a summer day

Turning your oven up to 400 degrees will increase the temperature of your home. If you already can’t stand the heat, consider getting out of the kitchen during the hottest parts of the day; or, get the kitchen outside by using your outdoor BBQ. Don’t forget to use the exhaust fan when you are cooking inside as it pulls the heat out of your home as you cook.

4.Ice Packs

Help your body regulate it’s temperature by keeping an ice pack by your feet when you are sitting or lying down for long periods, or while sleeping. You can freeze a hot water bottle or a sock full of rice to create homemade, reusable ice packs.

5.Cotton sheets

Trying to fall asleep in a hot bed is nearly impossible. To avoid this, change your flannel sheets for cotton ones. Cotton retains less heat and helps you stay cool in the summer months, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

Of course, installing an AC is the best way to stay cool this summer. If you don’t have an AC, are looking for a new system, or need maintenance on your existing system then give us a call or visit our showroom today. We’d love to share some of our energy and money saving services for you and your home.

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