6 Things to Do Before You Shop for Doors and Windows


Are you in the market for some beautiful, energy-efficient doors or windows? It’s a smart decision, but don’t miss out on opportunities that can save you money, both up-front with your purchase and in the long term in utility costs. Before you head out to buy anything, run through these six steps.

1. Look for Rebates

Government rebates are available on energy-efficient products such as doors and windows all of the time. However, they may only be available on specific products, so it’s wise to check for them beforehand and make sure you can take advantage. Check on Energy Star’s® directory.

2. Know Your Climate

Different climate zones require different things from their doors and windows. In Canada, we need doors made of materials that offer superior insulation and windows with excellent glazing. If you live near a lake, you may need to think about your material’s ability to resist humidity too.

3. Explore Energy Star®

Canada’s Energy Star® website has a guide on various manufacturers and products. It’s a wise idea to start out by learning about the different manufacturers to see if any offer products that best fit your home and your priorities. Some may focus on materials and where and how they are sourced, others offer superior quality or technology. Then narrow down their product list.

4. Understand the Energy Star® Label

Once you have begun to look at products you will find some have the Energy Star® label and some do not. What determines if a product gets the label? Products must meet several standards, not just in energy efficiency, including:

  • Delivering other features and performance demanded by consumers
  • Recuperating above-average cost back in lowered utility bills within a reasonable amount of time
  • Energy efficiency that is verifiable through testing
  • Products must be energy efficient regardless of climate nationwide

Efficient Home

5. Understand Energy Efficiency

Several different factors affect energy efficiency, it’s not all about the insulative properties of the main material of the window or door. You have to consider the whole structure, including the frame, sash, spacer bars, and any seals of gaps in the frame. Heat can also be transferred through convection from the air near the glass to the glass itself. Sometimes it is best to have a professional guide you through all of the factors that affect the energy efficiency of your door or window.

6. Check Out the Door Centre

We have a huge in-person showroom, or you can take a look at the complete showroom online. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

Contact the Door Centre for all of your door and window needs, and always check thedoorcentre.ca for our latest specials and promotions!