7 Window Trim Styles  

7 window trim styles

You may not think about your window trim style too often, but when you do take a look through the different styles online you may notice that different trims make very different impressions. The right window trim can enhance the style of your home and make it feel more unified and beautiful. Don’t settle for something plain, unless you have a minimalist home. Take a look through these seven window trim styles to pick out something special. 

1. Prairie Style Window Trim 

Prairie style is all about enhancing horizontal lines. This is especially great on a window with a vast view behind it, as the horizontal emphasis will make it look wider. Prairie-style window trims have prominent top and bottom trims, with simple and small vertical trim on the side. 

2. Craftsman Style Exterior Window Trim   

Craftsman-style window trim focuses on just the header, instead of both horizontal rails as prairie-style does. The most basic version is a larger header, still square, on top of the relatively thin side and bottom trim pieces. It pairs well with modern and more rustic styles. 

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3. Arts and Crafts Style 

Arts and Crafts style is a slightly different version of Craftsman style. It still focuses on the header, but it is softer. You’ll see the headers on these windows flared up, which looks gentler and more elegant, less in keeping with the rustic roots of Craftsman. 

4. Casement Window Trim Style 

It’s not that casement windows have their own style of trim, but that their function limits your trim in some ways. These windows open sideways on a hinge. They have a crank at the bottom to allow for this mechanism. So, trim on the bottom must be thin in order to not get in the way of the crank. 

5. Rosette Style 

Harking back to Victorian times, the rosette style has circular patterns called rosettes in the corners of the trim. It is otherwise flat, balanced, and unflared. The rosette adds a very feminine beauty to the space. This is a very traditional look that is best for Victorian-style homes. 

6. Highlands Style 

If you have a farmhouse kitchen, you’ll naturally be drawn to the Highlands option which feels very country without being too much. You take a simple minimalist frame and add a small, flared ram to the header. This differs from the Arts and Crafts style because part of the header is still square. It’s more subtle for that reason. 

7. Coastal Style 

Looking for something even more modern? The Coastal style might just be for you. It looks very flat and square, but the header and jamb are wider than the rest. This style takes up a lot of room so it is best for windows that have a lot of space surrounding them, and between them. 

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