9 Modern Front Door Ideas to Set Your Home Apart

modern house with panel doors

Your front door is like the centerpiece of your home’s curb appeal. Even though it is important, so many homes are still wearing the original door their home came with. The wall colour, landscaping, and even the flooring has often changed. So why not give your front door a modern spin?  

1. Horizontal Wooden Panels

All glass doors, broken up by multiple horizontal wooden panels look highly modern but also add that touch of rustic you may need if you have wooden elements in your landscaping or home exterior. Choose a red wooden tone to add warmth or keep it less saturated to lean into that modern feel.

2. Pivot Doors

Forget doors that turn on their hinges. One modern trend is to choose a door that pivots on an axle placed on the floor. The heel of the door moves as well as the front. This is best for homes with large entryways because the door needs to be larger to have the same-sized access as a door that operates with hinges.

3. Fiberglass and Sidelites

Fiberglass doors look like real wood but are less expensive, more durable, and provide better insulation. If you’re saving a bit with these doors, you can probably afford to add sidelites, decorative panels on either side of the door. Choose glass and round them out with more fiberglass.

4. Small Square Glass Panels

If you’re looking for mid-century modern front door ideas, then consider the trend of small square glass panels in an otherwise opaque door. You can have panels to pepper the whole door, or just three or four down on one side.

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5. Textured Wood

Imagine a door that looks like thin boards of wood stacked on top of each other, creating the impression of small horizontal lines in the door. This textured approach is great for modern homes that take Asian influence in their landscaping.

6. Long Vertical Handles

Why can’t your handle run almost the whole length of the door, like handles you might find on a commercial door? This style looks very elegant when grounded in a matte black or silver paired with a wood door.

7. Chevron Style

Whether in paint or materials, you can choose a door that has a bold chevron style. Have a shingle chevron, pointing up, to make the most visually appealing impression.

8. Stone Doors

Doors that mimic stone texture, especially highly modern, smooth tone, are becoming popular. Choose a material in all one colour to exaggerate that modern look. Or, choose multiple colours that are closely related to one another to make a more natural-stone look and feel.

9. Laser Carving

Many door materials can be intricately carved with lasers to make unique patterns. Try stripes, floral, or other intriguing options.

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