Top 4 Interior Door Trends For 2022

Sliding Interior white door trending in 2022

Too often, our doors are overlooked. We might think of them as just a portal from one space in our home to another, but they actually help define and beautify each space they are connected to. Doors can be practical, beautiful, and influence the feeling of your whole home. This year’s interior door trends will help you see your doors and your home in a new light. 

1) Space-Saving Doors 

A handful of very practical doors can help you save space in your home. Sliding doors also called barn doors, help you create space because you do not have to account for the swing of the door when placing furniture. This could, for example, give you more space to place a bed closer to your bedroom closet, without interfering with the function of the door.   

What about the door material and look? Wood barn doors are more for natural, rustic looks, although painted white they can work in modern spaces too. Or, consider a sliding door in another material, with minimal hardware in neutral colours.   

Sliding doors in the regency style are another option that can help you keep natural light in a space while saving some room. Heir glass allows light to move through to brighten your space. 


2) Doors that Boost Natural Light 

Speaking of natural light, many of the interior door trends for 2020 seek to help you maximize it. Glass doors can be used to boost natural light, especially glass French doors. Wide and double doors are a great option for that reason. Tall doors are also a trend, more for interior doors than for those that lead outside.   

Want to add a little flair to your glass doors? Consider adding some elements of stained glass to your door to add colour and style.

French style doors with window panes

3) Artful Doors   

Don’t relegate art to the walls, doors can be pieces of art in and of themselves. We’ve seen a bit of this trend in the past with exterior doors that are one bold colour that stands out from the walls. For example, a bright blue or green door. However, we’re taking the trend a little further, and to interior doors, this year with doors that have intriguing texture or intricate hardware that adds even more art to a space. 

4) Bi-Fold Patio Doors   

Bi-fold doors are becoming popular for doors that connect to patio spaces. Lately, interior design has focused on trying to connect interior and exterior spaces, and doors are the key to that. Bi-fold doors allow you to have a more open, or more closed space. They are like sliding doors with a European flair, which can work for a huge range of interior and exterior styles. 

If your home needs a little lift, changing your interior doors can improve your home’s look and feel. For all of your interior door needs contact The Door Centre.