Is a Storm Door a Good Investment?

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Is a storm door a good investment? That depends on what kind of door you have now. If you have a door that is well-insulated and in good condition, your newer storm door may not save you enough money to be worth the expense. However, if your old door is poorly insulated, broken, or you want to replace it anyway, then a storm door is a wise investment that will help insulate your home from the elements and preserve your heating in winter. If you’re considering investing in a storm door, here is what you need to know about them. 

Storm Door Maintenance 

Storm doors do require some maintenance. The glass will need to be cleaned, of course. And wood storm doors require the most maintenance of any type. Proper installation is the best way to reduce the maintenance needs of your storm door. 

Storm Door Efficiency 

All storm doors save you a bit of energy and increase your home’s energy-efficiency by a small amount. The more air leaks you currently have around your door, the more of an energy benefit you’ll see from the new door, as air leaks are the main source of energy loss from a door. 

However, a specific type of storm door has a bit more of an efficiency benefit. These are called low-e storm doors. They have a thin coating that protects your home from ultra-violet light in the summer. This light brings in a significant amount of heat, so your home is easier to keep cool without it. 

In the winter, the same coating prevents your home’s heat from leaving through the door. This is so effective than the door has to be ventilated, or the build-up of heat behind the door can warp the metal framing or the metal parts of the door. It’s especially important to get a low-e storm door installed by a professional, so they can ensure that your door won’t warp over time.

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Features to Look for in a Storm Door 

Are you ready to make the investment in a storm door? There are many different brands and kinds of storm doors on the market. Here is what you should look for: 

  • Glazing or low-e: All storm doors should have some kind of coating to help keep summer heat out. 
  • Full-length screen with removable glass panels: These doors are easier to clean. 
  • Screens and glass panels that will move past one another: A useful feature when you want to open your door. 
  • Screens with self-storing pockets: Sometimes you want to have your screen door open, without it taking up too much space on your patio. This way, the screen will be stored inside your home’s wall or on the other side of the door which allow you to save space 

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