Types of Windows and Doors that Add Value to Your Home

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In general, new doors and new windows will add value to your home. They can help make a great impression on potential buyers and show that the home has been at least somewhat updated to be more energy efficient. But what if you’re not satisfied with just any value bump and want your doors and windows to add a high percentage of their value back to the home? Which types of windows and doors should you be looking at?  

Here are the options you should consider for adding maximum value to your home. 

Do French Doors Add Value to Your Home? 

French doors always feel sophisticated. They allow in more light, they make a space seem more open, and they are typically very elegant. But do they add the value you are looking for? While it will depend on your home and market, in general, French doors add value. This is especially true when they are used as front doors, where they help create incredible curb appeal. Or, when used as a cost effective alternative to adding windows, where they allow in light. 

Do Exterior Doors Add Value? 

Exterior doors are one of the best options to add value to your home. Exterior remodels often make a huge impact because potential buyers get their first impression of the home when walking up to your door. An exterior door that is sturdy, weather-proof, and an interesting colour, will help catch attention and make a better impression on the buyer. 

In particular, exterior doors that are obviously high-quality will make a better impression. We offer wood doors that look and feel remarkable to create that truly high-end curb appeal. If you feel that homebuyers in your area won’t like wood, stainless steel is another great option. 

If you’re in more of a middling neighbourhood, then a stained fiberglass door might be a more cost effective option to make a good impression on the right buyers. We suggest that you ask a real estate agent what kind of quality of exterior door would add value to your home, without being too costly for you. 

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Do Casement Windows Add Value? 

Casement windows are sought-after options in certain properties. These windows open fully, adding more safety and security to the home. If someone may be interested in your home as a rental property, then adding a casement window can help boost its value significantly. That’s because these windows can work as emergency exits, which landlords need to offer in order to meet code requirements for a rental property. The placement of the casement window matters, but we can help you decide where to put it in order to appeal to potential buyers who are looking for investment properties. 

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