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Our Warranties


Ensuring Your Investment is Protected.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

vinylbilt WindowsVinylbilt Windows & Doors

  • Non-Limited, Non-Prorated & Transferable Warranty
  • View Vinylbilt’s warranty card

OSATCO DoorsOstaco Windoors

  • Non-Limited, Non-Prorated & Transferable Warranty
  • View Ostaco’s warranty card

Therma Tru Doors

  • Lifetime; 25 year warranty

Therma Tru Doors

Workmanship Warranty

The Burlington Door Centre is proud to offer our exclusive 10 year workmanship warranty on both our residential window and door installations. The Burlington Door Centre believes that a professional installation is important to the consumer’s buying decision.

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Our 10 year workmanship warranty consists of the following:

  • Labour costs due to mal-adjustment of a products’ operating feature(s) caused by original installation
  • Product costs determined to be directly related to or caused by poor installation
  • Poor installation is judged according to industry standards and practices and will be determined by The Burlington Door Centre
  • The Door Centre Installation Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of installed product