6 Best Colour Windows for a Red Brick House

Red brick house with tan and white windows and doors

Red brick doesn’t seem like the most versatile material for your home’s exterior. Sure, it looks great and classic, but many people struggle to pair an exterior paint colour with the brick. When it comes time to choose new exterior windows, you might have a hard time pinning down your colour. Well, worry no more because we’ve picked out some of the best colours you can pair with your red brick house.

1. Black Windows

Those who are interested in making their red brick home look more sophisticated, stark and even European should consider adding black windows. While black windows may sound like an unusual choice, they create an elegant look that may surprise you.

2. White Windows

Do you have a colonial home? Pairing your red brick with crisp white window trim is sure to enhance any colonial-style your home has. It’s also a great option for modern homes, where white is the excepted trim colour inside and outside of the home. This is also a good option if you’ve gone a little experimental with the colour of your garage and door (as well as shutters if you have them), as the white neutral will keep the emphasis on those unique elements.

3. Darker Red Windows

You can try for a medium look, with relatively low contrast, by choosing a darker shade of red for your windows. This helps the windows blend a bit more with the home so that the emphasis can be on other features of the house, such as the roof or door. This will look best with homes that have red brick composed of a few different shades.

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4. Dark Brown Windows

Dark brown is another great, dark neutral that looks good with red brick. If you have the right kind of brick, even a light brown might look great too. When you choose a dark brown you might want to lean into other brown accents for your exterior, especially in wood. This can help develop a craftsman-style home exterior.

5. Blue-Grey Windows

If it sounds like an odd option, do a quick search for a red brick home with blue-grey exterior paint. You’ll find that the coolness in the grey makes for a great contrast with warm reds and looks much more polished than you might expect.

6. Tans and Creams

There are a wide variety of tans and creams that will look good with red brick. Here, we suggest you choose colours that have the same undertone as your brick, to help with consistency. It is best to get paint chips and hold them against your brick to check on how they look together.

Ask The Door Centre Experts for Color Help

Anyone who is getting new windows should consider which colours will work with their home’s exterior. Choosing the wrong colour can make the house look odd and reduce its curb appeal. Let the professionals at The Door Centre help you ensure that your window trim colour will look great with your red brick home. Contact us today to discuss it.