Fall Care for Your Doors & Windows

Low temperatures

Feel that little nip in the air?

See that light covering of early morning frost?

At The Door Centre, those signs tell us two very important things:


  1. Winter is coming (and will probably be here sooner than you think)
  2. It’s time to prep your home to handle the cold weather

In summer, you may not have noticed any drafting, closing or sealing issues with your doors or windows.

In fall and winter, it becomes plainly obvious where cold air gets into your home.

Before it gets too cold, make sure you follow these helpful maintenance tips.

Drafty window

Find and seal any drafts

Exterior doors and windows should close tightly with minimal effort.

And they should shake or rattle when closed either.

Dirt, dust and debris are usually the main cause of drafts (especially in doors).

For doors, you should:

  • Clean junk away from tracks and jambs
  • Replace any mud-caked or worn-out weather stripping
  • Install new weather stripping on both sides and the top of the door

Here’s a quick test to tell if you need a new door sweep for the bottom of your front door: try to slide a piece of paper underneath it.

If the paper goes under, then it’s time for a new sweep (for doors with adjustable sweeps, all you have to do is lower the threshold).

For windows, you should:

  • Clean dirt and debris from the sliding tracks and sills
  • Remove any gunk from the jambs and make sure it all seals firmly
  • Insert weatherstripping to any drafty areas which remain

If you have older bay or bow windows in your home, glazing putty was probably used to keep the glass in place.

Over time, it can crack and break.

To confirm this, see if:

  • You can jiggle the glass slightly in the frame
  • Cool air gets in anywhere
  • Condensation forms between the panes

If any of this occurs (especially the condensation), it’s a strong sign that your windows may need replacing.

Fix any frame leaks

The majority of cold drafts leak into a home or building through frame joints around elements like:

In fact, suck leakage can consume up to 10% of your overall home heating bill.

Usually, poor sealing takes place because of a poor quality builder install and isn’t detected until much later.

Fortunately, repairing any frame leaks isn’t too tough of a job:

  • Take out any inside trim moulding
  • Spray non-expanding insulating foam completely around the frame (you’ll want to do the same outside)
  • Put the trim back in place when it’s safe to do so

Cleaning rags

Give the glass a good cleaning

Before the really cold weather hits, you’ll want to give exterior windows and glass inserts a thorough cleaning.

Your best bet is to clean glass with a combination solution of mild dish soap and water.

When you’re done, wash them again with water only and dry with a soft cloth which won’t scratch.

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