What Kind of Savings Will I See with Energy-Smart Windows & Doors?

Energy Efficient seal for windows and doors

If you’ve decided to replace your windows and doors this year, you may want to consider installing energy-efficient products in your home.

Today’s energy-smart windows and doors are stylish, modern and fit within any home’s exterior décor. But of course, the obvious benefit is in the reduction of your home heating (in winter) and cooling (in summer) costs.

So if you want to give your wallet a break – and get more from your home’s energy usage too – new windows and doors are the way to go.

How energy-efficient windows are rated

When it comes to measuring energy-efficiency, windows are usually measured by two elements:

  • U-Factor: U-Factor is the rate at which a window (or exterior door) loses heat. The lower the U-Factor, the greater the efficiency. A good U-Factor ranges from 0.15 to 0.35.
  • Low emissivity (Low-E) glass coating: This measures how heat is reflected back into the home during winter. You’re looking for a rating of loE180, loE272 or loE366.

As you visit your local window and door manufacturer, be certain to ask about these ratings.

ENERGY STARWhat you’ll save with energy-efficient windows

ENERGY STAR windows (such as VinylBilt and Ostaco) deliver modest monthly savings which, over time, can have a big impact on your bank account.

For a typical home in Burlington or Oakville, the following approximate savings are possible*:

  • $150-$500 per year when replacing single-pane windows
  • $30-$150 annually over double-pane, clear glass replacement

On average, a homeowner will save 8% on their energy bills when using energy-efficient windows, which tend to be 40% more effective vs. a conventional window**.

 Furthermore, the government of Canada (particularly the Ministry of Natural Resources) support and promote using ENERGY STAR windows in your home for a variety of reasons:

  • Reduced condensation creates a more comfortable experience
  • Triple-glazed windows lowers noise and creates more energy savings
  • Energy-efficient windows are made to handle Canada’s three climate zones (The Door Centre is in Zone 1, the warmest zone in the country)

If you’re looking to upgrade your bay or bow windows, energy-efficient products are definitely the way to go.

U-Factor ratings for doorsDifferent U-Factor ratings for different doors

Modern doors for your home should:

  1. Fit perfectly within your door frame
  2. Work easily & provide a perfect seal when closed
  3. Be as energy-efficient as possible

Just like windows mentioned above, doors are rated with the U-Factor method (how quickly it loses heat).

Because doors can be made from different materials (such as wood, stainless steel or fiberglass), they have different U-Factors:

So the type of door you choose will impact how much you’ll save.

Save money with energy-efficient doors

The average homeowner in Oakville, Burlington or surrounding service areas pays approximately $200 per month on energy bills.

If you extrapolate that for an entire year, it amounts to $2,400. At it’s high-end, an energy-efficient door can knock off 12% of your energy bill. Which means keeping around $300 where it belongs: in your pocket.

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*Approximate estimates only taken from EnergyStar.gov
**Natural Resources Canada

Article updated, 2023.

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