The Best Windows for House Plants According to Experts

Plants near a window

The amount of sunlight a house plant receives will play a major role in how well it does over time. If the plant is given too much light, the sun’s rays will burn the leaves. If it is given too little, the leaves will turn yellow, and the plant will eventually die. In fact, one mistake made frequently by amateur indoor gardeners is thinking that their plant with yellow leaves needs more water when what it really needs is more sunlight. 

There are many factors to consider when evaluating the best windows for house plants. Read our tips below to create the best lighting conditions for your indoor plants. 

Direct vs. Indirect Light   

The terms direct and indirect lighting get thrown around a lot, so some elaboration is necessary. Direct lighting means the sun’s rays immediately contact an object. The telling thing is that an object will cast a shadow when under direct lighting. Indirect lighting means the sun’s rays hit something else before they make contact with the object in question.  

For the most part, the best windows for indoor plants are ones that provide indirect lighting for long periods of time. Most indoor plants do not need direct sunlight to thrive. In fact, direct lighting will put many varieties of plants at risk of leaf damage.  

What are the Best Windows for Houseplants? 

South-facing windows provide the most sunlight, while north-facing windows provide the least. East and west-facing windows provide something in between. For plants that need lots of light, south-facing is ideal. In the case of shade-loving plants, it is good to place the plant farther away from the window or move it to a place where other objects will hit the light first and have a filtering effect.  

Installing operating windows and awning windows is another way to bring about filtering effects. In general, south-facing windows that provide filtered light make the best windows for most house plants.  

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Window Drafts 

Most indoor plants like to be kept at room temperature. One problem with placing plants near windows is that the air temperature can become too cold for them in winter if too much heat is allowed to escape. Therefore, the best windows for house plants are well-insulated ones.  

The Advantages of Bay Windows and Bow Windows 

Bay windows and bow windows make some of the best windows for house plants because they have an encapsulating effect on plants. This means that a larger portion of the leaves will see light instead of only one side of the plant being exposed. Bay and bow windows in living rooms offer wonderful natural light due to this effect. 

Learn More from the Experts 

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