Window Replacements for Older Homes: 5 Things You Should Know

Window Replacement

No one wants to struggle with windows that won’t open or that lose heat or cool air during cold and hot seasons because they’re thin and misshapen. That said, replacing all your windows is a daunting and expensive task.  

Fortunately, The Door Centre can make your home window replacement easier with professional support. For starters, if you are installing new windows, here are some things you should know. 

1. How to Replace Old Windows 

The first thing you should know is, of course, how to replace old windows. This isn’t a DIY job, as a single window fitted improperly could seriously impact your home’s energy efficiency and cost you in utilities. It can also cause damage to your home by letting in water and moisture. Instead, the process of replacing your windows is all about finding a window company that you trust, allowing them to measure your old windows, discussing with them what windows you might like and need, and then letting them do the installation.  

2. Window Replacement Cost 

Window replacement is one of the more valuable, but also more expensive upgrades you can make to your home. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars per window. It can be as low as $550, or it can be upwards of $5,000. The good news is that you have choices about the cost of the windows you install, and we offer free estimates that will let you know precisely how much your full window replacement will be. Many factors are considered in the price of windows, such as the size, glass type, how they operate, style, colour and add-ons (ex: grills). 

3. You Can Get Rebates 

You can lower the cost of your window replacement if you choose windows that qualify for rebates. Currently, the Ontario Green Fund offers families $500 per window, to a maximum of $5,000 on certain windows. That includes Energy Star single sliders, a very popular and energy-efficient product that can fit in many homes. 

4. There’s More Than Just Vinyl 

You have some material options when it comes to the window frame. Vinyl is the most affordable and one of the most energy efficient. Vinyl windows also offer inside frame options if you’d like your windows to match the interior style of your home (ex: composite and wood). Although not as energy efficient or have as long of a life span as others, you can choose full wood frame to add character or a historical touch to your home. In addition, fiberglass windows can offer similar insulation to vinyl. 

5. Location Increases Cost 

Where should you start if you can only afford to replace some of your windows? You might choose those that are the oldest, the ones that are causing issues, or that are the least expensive. Or, many homeowners choose to do the front windows first to gain the curb appeal factor, especially when changing the style or colour of the windows, then doing the remaining windows when they’re ready. 

Get New Window Installation from Us 

The experts at The Door Centre can get your new windows for your old house. We make the decision-making process easier with our years of experience and professional support that always puts your needs first. Contact us today to discuss what you need for your new windows. 

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