LoE Designer Products by VINYLBILT

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All VINYLBILT windows use SOFT COAT LoE Glass (as opposed to Hard Coat)


  • Soft Coat is a much clearer LoE to look through than hard coat Better insulating values (U value of 0.259*) over Hard coat (*U value of 0.296) The application process of LoE (sputtering process) imbeds the LoE coating while the glass is being manufactured, unlike hard coat which is a film application after the glass is manufactured.

 All VINYLBILT Windows use SimplyClean on all thermal units.

How SimplyClean works:

  • The surface of the glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and caused organic materials on the surface to decompose.
  • Ultra smooth glass, water disperses evenly (sheets off) and evaporates quickly.
  • Windows require less cleaning.
  • Sputtering process provides the clearest view.


  • Maximize free energy from the sun.
  • Achieve high energy rating (ER) value.
  • R Value of 3.85 center of glass.
  • Comes standard with SimplyClean coating.


  • Delivers year round comfort.
  • Block 84% of damaging UV rays
  • R Value of 4.0 center of glass.
  • Comes standard with SimplyClean coating.


  • Provides the ultimate in SOLAR HEAT GAIN control.
  • Blocks 95% of damaging UV rays.
  • Retains 98% of home heat and air conditioning.
  • R Value of 4.17 center of glass.
  • Comes standard with SimplyClean.

S.S.P. GLASS: Sound.  Security.  Performance.

  •  25% Overall improvement in sound reduction.
  •  12 Times stronger than regular thermal glass pane.
  •  50% improvement in UV protection though the use of LoE.


  • A feature of the S.S.P. glass is that it’s placed on the inbound pane of glass.
  • This allows the LoE to remain on the outer pane so customers can enjoy the benefits of all levels of the LoE and SimplyClean.
  • It provides an additional strengthened layer of glass laminated to the interior pane of glass making it more difficult for intruders to break in.

HPE GLASS: High Performance LoE Glass (A new level in LoE Performance)

  • VINYLBILT has taken the performance of TRIPLE GLAZING thermal units and stepped it up to a new level. VINYLBILT has combined different LoE Types.
  • The HPE thermal unit comes with 4 coats of LoE, a choice of Argon or Krypton Gas and SimplyClean (as a standard). The HPE thermal unit consists of any LoE on the outer pane surface 2 and any LoE on the inbound pane surface 5 with 2 gas filled chambers and our WARM EDGE SuperSpacer(R).


  • 60% improvement in SHGC – reduced heat gain.
  • 53% increase in R Value – improves the energy rating.
  • 33% increase in U-Factor – reduced heat loss.
  • 20% improvement in the center of glass temperature – improved comfort
  • HPE is a D zone rated glass.

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