All You Need to Know About Our Door Warranties

If you’re considering getting new doors for your home, congratulations!

You’re taking the first step toward increasing your home’s value and creating a safer, more appealing environment for your family.

Here at The Door Centre, we take our products and workmanship very seriously, and our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

So how do we back it up? With our family of warranties!

Warranties to Protect Your Investment

Attention to detail and providing our loyal customers with doors and windows that are of the highest quality is our top priority.

So in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, we make sure we are prepared with various warranties.

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

The Door Centre is proud to offer our exclusive 10 year workmanship warranty on our:

  • Residential window installations
  • Residential door installations

While you could install your windows and doors on your own, The Door Centre strongly believes that a professional installation is important to a long-lasting investment.

What does our 10 year workmanship warranty include?

  • Labour costs due to mal-adjustment of a products’ operating features caused by original installation or shifting from seasonal weather
  • Labour and material costs for exterior caulking defects
  • The Door Centre installation warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the installed product

Manufacturer’s Warranties

Depending on which product and brand you decide on, we offer manufacturer’s warranties including:

Vinylbilt Windows & Doors

  • Non-Limited
  • Non-Prorated
  • Transferable

Want to learn more? View Vinylbilt’s warranty information here.

Ostaco Windoors

  • Non-Limited
  • Non-Prorated
  • Transferable

Take Care of Your Windows and Doors

The best way to prevent damage to your windows and doors is to properly maintain them and take care of them on a regular basis.

Here are some useful tips to help keep your investment in tip-top shape:

  • Clean all operating hardware, hinges and tracks on a regular basis and lubricate lightly with silicone spray or light oil
  • Do not clean glass or other finishes with abrasive materials or cleansers
  • Clean vinyl surfaces with mild soap and water
  • Inspect caulking regularly to ensure proper seal against brick or siding
  • Replace or repair any area that is cracked or damaged to prevent leaking

Is it time for new doors?

Quality doors are built to last, but even the best doors will eventually need to be replaced.

  • Do you feel a breeze when you walk by your front door?
  • Do you need to shove your door to get it open or closed?
  • Does your sliding door grind noisily along the tracks?

Then it may be time for you to get a brand new door – but what do you look for and how do you measure the value of a new door?

All the answers to your questions are right here in this downloadable eBook. Get it free now!

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