Buying A Door with a Glass Insert

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Finding a door with the right glass insert is something that people often need help with. Your home builder will give you many options when building your house, but when it comes to doors they don’t have quite the range most people want. Finding you the perfect entry door is our job and our pleasure. Read on to start narrowing down the many choices by looking at the basic types of doors available.

22 by 36 inch glass

This style has glass that comes down to about chest level. You will have a window that will allow light in that is small enough that any curtain will quickly cover it when privacy is wanted. Below the glass you will have some space for panels to be cut into the door to create some visual appeal and interest below the window.

22 by 48 inch glass

This will come down to around knee level or slightly above. You’ll have much more light allowed in, but it makes curtains slightly more difficult to manage as they will have to be longer. Room for panels along the bottom is much smaller. You will usually will find them with one panel cut the same width as the window along the bottom.

22 by 64 inch glass

These doors are almost all glass with a strip of wood all around. They allow the maximum amount of light in, and are usually covered with vertical blinds rather than curtains. They allow you the maximum space to create custom designs with coloured glass, staining, frosting, or films. Think of them as a giant canvas ready for your ideas and designs.

Every one of these doors is available with a transom and sidelite surround that will open up your entranceway to allow in even more light. Contact us today for a free consultation right in your home at a convenient time, or come to our showroom.

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