Glass inserts offer secure and stylish option for your front door

Front doorFront doors that offer glass inserts are a popular option for many homeowners today, thanks to three primary advantages these inserts offer:

  • First, a glass insert allows light to enter, making a darker space more inviting and providing a more open feeling to the front door area.
  • Second, clear glass inserts offer a convenient way to see who’s knocking at your door or ringing your bell without having to compromise your security by opening your door.
  • Third, carefully chosen, a glass insert can enhance the appearance of your home (as long as you don’t choose your new door based on a 2-for-1 deal that your friend can get).

Energy loss

Old-fashioned doors may be beautiful, but the single-pane windows they use allow lots of air in and out of your home, meaning you can lose energy and money. Today’s doors use energy-efficient glass and state-of-the-art installation techniques to make sure your inserts keep energy loss at bay. In addition to traditional glazing points, inserts are securely installed using special adhesives designed to hold the glass in place without letting moisture in. Adhesives are also developed to withstand direct sunlight and freeze-and-thaw cycles to ensure a tight, secure fit in all seasons.

Security concerns

Security concernsMany people veer away from glass inserts based on the notion that an insert can impair the door’s security by allowing a way for would-be burglars to gain entry. But today’s strong glass inserts are designed to provide an effective barrier to thieves and intruders, and by using keyless deadbolts, even if a window is compromised, you can still prevent the door from being opened.

In fact, adding an insert can help keep you safer by letting you see who’s at your door before you even open it. Clear glass is the most effective in allowing you to see out, but even pebbled or textured glass choices can provide enough visibility to help you identify your visitors.

Choosing your insert

Glass inserts are available for all popular door types, including wood, steel and fiberglass. The key to selecting the best one for your door is to consider the style of door that will most complement your home. Today’s doors are offered in a broad range of styles, from sleek contemporary to rustic to Mission style doors, and choosing the one that’s best for your home adds both value and curb appeal. In most cases, the door style will dictate the types and styles of inserts that are available, but many options include additional features like leading or textured glass so you can create a truly custom look that sets your home apart from others on your block.

Sidelights for greater appeal

SidelightsIf your entry area has room for them, sidelights can add more light to your interior space and help your entryway appear more substantial. Sidelights typically are offered in the same style choices as window inserts so you can make sure the look you create is cohesive and complementary. Some designs feature single sidelights which can be an ideal choice for smaller spaces, especially if the front of your home is asymmetrical.

Find out more

With so many options, deciding on the best style for your needs can be difficult. At The Door Centre, our experts are skilled at helping homeowners select the style that can help them get the look they want. Give us a call today at 1-888-672-6171, fill out our online contact form or stop by our showroom at 4280 Harvester Road #3 and 4 in Burlington, and we’ll be happy to help!

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