Make Some Home Upgrades and Sell Your House for More This Spring

Sell faster, for more money, and these upgrades pay for themselves.

Spring is the ideal time to sell your house.

More buyers shop around now than any other time of year.

But more sellers step into the market too, so you have to do something extra to make your house stand out in that crazy spring real estate market.

Put up that for sale sign and people will come see your house, but leave your house in obvious need of upgrades and you might not get any offers.

Here are some of the upgrades buyers will notice and get excited about.

What kind of shape are your windows and doors in?

Windows, entryway doors and garage doors are important to buyers.

Window moisture

  • If your windows show moisture between the panes, they’ll use that as an excuse to talk down your asking price.
  • If your front door is dented, warped and drafty, they’ll notice.
  • If your garage door is cracked or doesn’t lock properly, you’ll hear about it.

You don’t have to replace them all before your house hits the market, but replacing some is a good idea.

What should you replace?

With brand new windows, you get a transferable warranty – something your buyers love.

Plus, right now is our spring savings event. You can get 40% off your windows and 30% off painted fiberglass doors for a limited time.

How old are your appliances and light fixtures?

Light fixture

New appliances are attractive to buyers.

Appliances are an investment, and you can work the cost into your overall asking price to recover the money for your family.

Buyers are more likely to walk away from a house if they know they have to buy new appliances, but they are usually comfortable knowing those new appliances are simply worked into their new mortgage.

The same goes for light fixtures.

A dated light fixture looks like an expense and work for potential buyers. Many buyers in the spring market look for genuinely move-in ready homes.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on new light fixtures. A new look can come from Kijiji or the Facebook Marketplace.

Paint everything bright and neutral.


A bright orange accent wall in the living room may have been right for you, but a buyer is almost certainly thrown off by bold colour choices.

Most homeowners prefer bright, neutral paint. Colour comes from smaller design touches and other keepsakes of their own.

Paint for a 2,000 sq.ft house might cost $500-600 (if you also repaint your ceilings), but could help sell your house much faster than leaving your current colours.

Dulux paint offers 25% off to CAA members year-round, and most paint brands do semi-annual sales of buy one get one free or 50% off all paint. So check for sales today!

People really buy kitchens and bathrooms.

Buyers identify kitchens and bathrooms as the most important elements in a potential new home.


Whatever you can do to make your looks their best, do it.

From replacing your old windows to just cleaning up the clutter so your counter space appears greater, every bit will help.

If the towel racks eat into the usable bathroom space, take them down and leave the wall bare. Remove all your tooth brushes, hair products and other clutter from the countertops.

If the laminate countertops in your kitchen are beat up, replace them with an affordable bamboo counter. It will cost most homeowners less than $300, and look great.

If you’re ready to make your house more enticing with window upgrades and more, you’re in luck. Right now, you save big on windows and doors at our showroom.

  • 40% off windows.
  • 30% off painted fiberglass doors.

It’s a competitive market and you want that full asking price.

Give us a call and we’ll help you get it.

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